Inktober 2017

I began Inktober 2017 with the goal of inking all my drawings with a dip pen. 

I abandoned this plan on day one.

Something about the first drawing just didn't sit well with me, so I redrew it on a piece of scratch paper with a fat tipped Faber-Castell.  The bold lines of the marker grabbed my attention, so I decided to attempt the month with a Pentel Pocket Brush instead of the dip pen.*

I also struggled to decide on a topic this year, so I sought the advice of my friend, Paula (of The Laughing Goat).  She suggested I continue the theme I began on Art Drop Day (a drawing of Fiona the Hippo), but add Tajiri the Giraffe to the storyline.

Posts about Fiona, a premature hippo beating the odds, and viral videos of April, the ever expectant giraffe awaiting delivery of her baby, Tajiri, often gave me a pleasant break from the vitriol nature of the internet this year.  Paula's idea seemed like the perfect way for me to participate with Fiona and Tajiri in interrupting the bitterness so prevalent in today's social media feeds.  

I enjoyed adventuring with Fiona, Tajiri, and a brush pen(!) through Inktober, and am hopeful that my silly drawings gave a second or two of happiness to others this month!

Happy Halloween, everyone! 

*The dip pen did make one other brief appearance on day 17 (corn maze) due to an unexpected ink outage in my brush pen.