Occuclaytions: An Introduction

I find history deeply enchanting.  While researching for my 1920s Vaudevillian character, George "Dutch" Williams, I would often get lost imagining what cities he might travel to on the circuit, what sorts of people might frequent his shows, what kinds of clothes those people might wear, where those people might work, etc.  During this time, my Pinterest boards became inundated with black and white photos, my Pandora playlists were filled with ragtime and jazz inspired tunes, and I reread The Great Gatsby for the first time since college.

Rather than discarding these hours spent immersed in early Americana, I decided to delve a bit deeper.  I've spent the last several months designing characters that might have populated Dutch's world.  Each character is, like him, an anthropomorphised animal representing a particular occupation of the era.  I'm calling the project Occuclaytions. Its underlying goal is character design, but at its heart, this project is my attempt to capture just a bit of the ephemeral exuberance that was the Roaring Twenties.

As promised, I'll be providing in-depth conception to completion progress posts here, but feel free to also follow along at Instagram and Facebook

Until next time...